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/ Titanium Steel / 鈦 鋼

⊹ 採用316L鈦鋼不鏽鋼材質 防水保色 不褪色

⊹ 提供直邊/弧邊設計 |

· 直邊 | 啞面 | 黑、銀

⊹ 闊度可調較 任何手圍都適合

⊹ Size S /~15.5cm | Size M/~18.5cm

Diri|plain bangle / 純刻字手鐲

  • A local accessories brand formed in 2015. Product including original and customised designs, are delicately handmade with passion. 

    Through Diri handcrafted accessories, they aspire to explore the colours of both natural and artificial beauty.

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