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Littdlework | 花季女孩款 | Meteorillust插畫防水行李貼紙(8枚入)

  • 流星文創設計有限公司成立於2017年,分別有刺繡飾品品牌Littdlework及插畫品牌Meteorillust窮遊女生。品牌均由由香港女生流星Meteor於台灣創辦,我們堅持自家設計,台灣生產,以插畫和刺繡結合各種素材,延伸出各式各樣的文創小物。我們團隊成員均是台灣人,選用台灣工場製作材料,再由我們的團隊後加工成各種可愛産品。


    Meteorillust Creation Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with accessories embroidery and illustration brand Meteorillust, which was founded in Taiwan by Meteor, a girl from Hong Kong. We insist on our own design, combining various materials with illustrations and embroidery to extend a variety of small cultural and creative products. Our team members are all Taiwanese. We are remarkable for insisting that everything from materials to production is “Made in Taiwan.”

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