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Step 1/修整指甲形狀及清潔指甲面(包裝內附酒精濕紙巾)
Step 2/選擇合適自己的甲面大小相約的指甲貼後,撕開準備貼上。
Step 3/將指甲貼對準甲面底部邊緣置中貼上,然後向左右兩邊整平指甲貼。

Step 4/軟身指甲貼覆蓋全個甲面後,將指頭前端多餘的指甲貼往下摺,再用美甲磨棒(包裝內附)磨掉軟身多餘的指甲貼。

(Optional :最後塗1-2層指甲面油(Top Coat)便可達到Gel甲的亮面效果。)




Nail Wrap - WT011

The design is simple, with a transparent background design deliberately
Firstly, it will not show our darker. 
Secondly, it is very suitable for girls whose nails grow faster.


This Nail wrap uses environmentally friendly material. The advantages of nail wrap are easy to tear, easy to tear off =)
It is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless.

Step 1: 
Wash hands and clean nails before applying our WT Nail Polish Wrap.

Step 2: 
Select a nail wrap slightly smaller than your real nail.

Step 3: 
Centre nail wrap at the base of your nail.
Press downwards on both sides of the nail, and repeat
as needed to smoothen out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 4:
File downwards to remove excess wrap.

What Tomorrow|Daisy Blue #WT019 無毒指甲貼 Nail Polish Wrap

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