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Illusion Collection is inspired by the art movement in the 20th Century – Op Art. It is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. In general, the works are make use the line interference and the geometric form apposition to create optical illusion to the viewer. Once you wear the 3D printing illusion accessories collection created and designed by Mille-Feuille Fashion, people can see different optical illusion and effect in different angles, it is like wearing an art piece.


幻覺系列設計靈感來自西方二十世紀興起的藝術思潮 - 歐普藝術 (Op Art),這又被稱為視幻藝術或光效應藝術。Op Art 是使用光學的技術來營造出驚異的藝術效果。概括來說,作品是利用線條的交錯及不同幾何圖形的並置,令觀賞者產生視覺錯覺。當獨特的你戴上Mille-Feuille Fashion 所打造出來的3D 打印幻覺系列飾物後,其他人在不同角度觀賞你時,會出現不同的錯覺和效果,仿佛像是一件藝術品。

Mille-Feuille Fashion|Op Triangle Earring S Size (Black)

Metal Color
  • Material: Strong & Flexible Nylon , 925 Sterling Silver

    Dimension: 15(L) x 14(W) x 22(H) (mm)

    3D Printing Nylon Feature: Possible to exposed to water, flexible

    925 Sterling Silver Feature: Prolonged exposure of sterling silver to water may lead to oxidation and discoloration


    物料          :彈性尼龍塑料,925 純銀
    尺寸          :15(L) x 14(W) x 22(H) (mm)
    925 純銀特性     :不建議長期接觸水,否則會氧化

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