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The scaling collection is inspired by the Turner’s Cube. By taking the scaling feature of Turner’s Cube, we applied it on different geometric form. In Euclidean geometry, uniform scaling is a linear transformation that enlarges or shrinks objects by a scale factor that is the same in all directions or axis. Mille-Feuille Fashion applied the 3D printing technologies to express the regularity and the right proportion scaling model, it brings the impressive visual effect. The proportion of the empty space and the solid part is calculated in order to highlight the shape of the accessories.


縮放系列是由特納立方體 Turner’s Cube 所啟發,參照其縮放特性而應用在不同的幾何形狀上。在歐幾里得幾何,均勻縮放是放大或縮小物體的線性變換,也就是說所有軸的縮放因子都是一樣。Mille-Feuille Fashion 利用 3D打印技術去展現這具規律性和合乎比例的縮放外型,帶來衝擊的視覺效果。同時,設計時有精心計算過,使兩個縮放個體之間的空間與實體佔有比例恰到好處,從而突出其輪確。

Mille-Feuille Fashion|Scaling Cube Necklace

  • Material: Strong & Flexible Nylon Rhodium Plated , 316 Stainless Steel

    Dimension: 15mm(W) x 15mm(L) x 15mm(H)


    Length: 50 cm

    3D Printing Nylon Rhodium Plated  Feature: Prolonged exposure of sterling silver to water may lead to oxidation and discoloration

    Stainless Steel Feature: Possible to exposed to water,won't oxidize,solid and hard,Anti - sweat acid attack


    物料          :彈性尼龍塑料鍍鉻,不銹鋼
    尺寸          :15mm(W) x 15mm(L) x 15mm(H)

    長度                  :50 cm
    316 不銹鋼特性 :可接觸水,不會氧化,材質堅固,抗汗水酸性侵蝕

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