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The Sense of Space collection is inspired by the architecture & interior design study model.

The model helps us to understand the structure of an abstract space.

All lines and surfaces are related to each other in proportion and mathematically.

Therefore, there are different sense of space if you look at the accessories in different angles and views.

For the application of color, besides the basic black color, the grey color represents the concrete applied on the real architecture & interior design.

The matte finishing 3D printing flexible nylon creates a contrast with the shiny sterling silver part.

The unlimited possibility of Space can be presented in the best way with the great help of 3D printing.







Mille-Feuille Fashion|Spacing Icosahedron Necklace

  • Material: Strong & Flexible Nylon 14K Rose Gold Plated , 316 Stainless Steel

    Dimension: 18(W) x 18(L) x 16(H) (mm)


    Length: 50 cm

    3D Printing Nylon 14K Rose Gold Plated Feature: Prolonged exposure of sterling silver to water may lead to oxidation and discoloration

    Stainless Steel Feature: Possible to exposed to water,won't oxidize,solid and hard,Anti - sweat acid attack


    物料          :彈性尼龍塑料鍍14K金,316不銹鋼
    尺寸          :18(W) x 18(L) x 16(H) (mm)

    長度                  :50 cm
    316 不銹鋼特性 :可接觸水,不會氧化,材質堅固,抗汗水酸性侵蝕

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