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Would you bring unique friend to go out?
Each accessories are filled with short stories.

The fox who is not good at high places.
She looks a bit uneasy about the balloons gradually rising.

Earrings that resemble pearls as balloons.
Four-colored pearls make the ears gorgeous and fun.

[ size ]
Length 50mm Width 20mm

Acrylic part / Length 30mm Width 15mm
Acrylic Thickness / 2mm

[ Material ]



[ Producing Area ]


[ Caution ]
※Please allow for some variation in color between different devices and screens. Actual colors may vary.
※It is acrylic resin, so it may get broken if you hit hard.
※Also when you curve with sharp thing, the print may peel off.

Harapecora|The Cowardly Fox Flying by Balloon

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